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import from and export to brazil

We offer solutions in both directions. We are prepared to provide alternatives regarding products and services originating anywhere in the world. We are active in all parts of the country but we have specialized infrastructure at strategic locations in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. These two regions are experiencing extraordinary economic development at this time and they are the center stage of several gigantic projects in our area of expertise.

Selling goods to Brazil and other countries

Buying goods from Brazil

Connections and partnerships


We help to promote connections among civil and mechanical engineering companies. We connect American Industries with foreign companies and vice-versa, specially Brazilian companies searching for partners or investors overseas.


We can also bring toguether companies with mutual interest in the field of Engineering within the US for local operations, in Brazil and other countries.

the rewards and benefits

Besides the natural skills that an entrepreneur doing business in foreign countries it also requires knowledge of local laws and customs.

Using our experience in the various countries in which we operate we can assist in the learning process accompanying our clients in all stages of the project, whether in the transaction of a single product or a complex turnkey plant.

Professionals fluent in the local language and partners and legal assessorial are of vital importance in the development of the negotiations.

For the comfort of our clients and business partners we rely on to own building in the city Coral Springs , Florida . Our headquarters has large offices, meeting rooms, storage area and latest in information technology.