about us

East Atlantic has being promoting international exchanges all over the world for 30 years. Our team of experts has specialized in the international trade of machinery and equipment which allows us to provide our customers expertise in finding institutional, logistical, technical and commercial solutions to meet their needs in breadth of scope, speed of delivery and price.

Canned solutions sometimes cost too much. In order to maintain quality standards most companies need creative alternatives rather than the limited and expensive options given by equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

why choose us?


We are Creative. 30 years of trading and marketing in several different countries around the world is not to be taken lightely. Our team of experts have helped many companies navigate the murky waters of international trading.


We are Dinamic. Over the years, we have encountered the most diverse sets of circumstances. A solution for one company does not necessarily applies to another.


Every customer is Special. I guess every company makes the same claim but we created a reputation of impeccable customer service. We strongly recommend every new customer to check our references.